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Yandex Tank

Yandex.Tank is an extensible load testing utility for unix systems. It is written in Python and uses different load generator modules in different languages. Tank QAProvider provides a UI interface for Yandex.Tank.

Easy Setup

You do not need to read and learn Yandex.Tank documentation, setup & support testing environment. Everything is done for you by QAProvider Team. Use our user interface to run your load tests!

Regression Testing

You can setup daily checks for your tests with Tank QAProvider and receive notification email with results

Yandex Tank

Yandex.Tank is developed by Alexey Lavrenuke. It was developed at Yandex in 2006 for testing the banner system. Now it is one of the main tools for measuring performance.

Here you could check example report.

Easy Setup

It is still not easy for newbies to start usage of Yandex.Tank utility. Tank QAProvider just makes the last step for easy setup of your load tests with Yandex.Tank.

Regression Testing

Do you need to run your load tests every day?
It is easy to setup with Tank QAProvider.
Find a special link in continuous integration configurations.
Hit this link with get request when you need to run tests (upon commit or every morning) and check your mailbox.
Your results are there!

What people are saying...

Anna E.

"I just have played with Tank QAProvider. Amazing! I am not familiar with all these tools, how to setup it, etc., QAProvider have done everything for me!"

John S.

"Nice tool! Thanks to the team to let me know about such a great tool as Yandex.Tank. It has more features that I need."

Sarah W.

"You save a lot of my time.
Thank you very much!"

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